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Wire Mesh Production

Wire Mesh Production and Usage Areas

Wire mesh is the process of joining the wires of which the desired wire diameter and length are selected by resistance welding at the intersection points of the wires in the machines installed with the appropriate mesh size after the wire straightening and cutting process. The wire is made by closed casting method.

Wire mesh wire and wire mesh have a wide range of applications.

steel mesh wire ; The interaction of concrete with iron was combined iron, which was previously used in construction to fix the threads and knitwear of floors and blocks. This situation has been used both for safer buildings and to save time and reduce labor costs, with the emergence of steel wire in the mass production of automatic spot welding machines, which are an indispensable part of the construction industry.

wire mesh; It is used in a wide range of applications from agriculture to gabion production, from automobiles to machine protection walls, from workplace protection to cages and poultry farms.

wire mesh; It is divided into three parts, namely galvanized wire, chrome wire and raw wire.

Galvanized wire; It does not require paint and does not rust.

black wire mesh; If not used on concrete, it should be painted or hot-dip galvanized. Galvanized mesh and black (raw) mesh have the same resistance values.

chrome wire; It has a much higher strength value than galvanized mesh and black mesh. Since it is chrome plated, it does not require paint and varnish after welding. It is highly resistant to rust and oxidation.

Our Estenet brand, which can produce steel mesh / wire mesh from 2mm to 12mm, also provides standard and special size steel mesh production services. After testing the weld strength and quality of the welded wire, it is sent to the customer.

Wire Mesh Production Service of Our Estenet Brand

Wire mesh manufactures wire mesh using a resistance welding process. This is a welding technology in which the wire is melted under pressure with maximum current. Thus, the mesh/wire/panel wire is stronger, more aesthetic and the welding braces are more durable.

Usage areas of steel mesh wire products:

Wire mesh, in the automotive industry
Wire mesh, in mechanical engineering
Wire mesh, safety barrier around the machine
Wire mesh wire is used in bird cages and chicken coops.
Wire mesh wire is used in the construction industry.
Wire mesh is used in the construction of retaining walls of Çelih Hasır.
Çelih Hasır, Hasir Recently, it has been used in the production of gabion mat/gabion basket/gabion wire.