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Zinc Sheet - Galvanized Wire Mesh

Galvanized Wire Mesh

Galvanized wire mesh panels, which are generally square or rectangular in structure, can be determined according to preference. It is made of thick steel wires in order to give shape. In order to add color to our zinc sheet products, they are dipped into hot galvanized and give a lead color. At the same time, the galvanized mesh is dipped in hot galvanization to prevent rusting of the steel before processing. First, a galvanizing bath is made, and then the wire is turned into a mesh.

Usage areas :
In addition to being used as space separation in gardens, it can also be used for separation in animal shelters. Our zinc sheet products are produced as an alternative to fence wires. It is also used in production areas such as factories for the purpose of health and protection in industrial areas. It goes through a production process in which the steel is completely covered and colored, as it is hot galvanized to prevent rotting. It can also be used for decoration purposes in architectural areas or stores. Zinc sheet has a flat structure. The main production purpose of the product is to replace the panels and fence wires used in the sector. Due to its light weight, it is aimed to be used instead of 2D-3D panel fences.

In the production of galvanized wire mesh, our estenet brand gives importance to customer satisfaction while offering zinc sheet products that it has produced from high quality materials for you. We listen to you, understand and deliver the product you want as soon as possible according to your demands.

It is known as the determination of borders as the most common usage area. It can also be used as a panel. We continue to be the best in the field of galvanized wire mesh usage areas and demands. Being able to offer a high level of security makes it widespread in fields such as industry and trade. In animal shelters, paddocks and pens can be created with wide panel wire mesh. They are lightweight yet easy to install. You can create a comfortable space for your animals with only 4 panels.

You may want to protect your products from foreign animals on farms, or you may make requests for the safety of your livestock and keeping them together. Our zinc sheet products, which are suitable for all terrain structures, can help you create a solid area with t-type poles.

If you want your garden to be more tidy and reliable in your homes outside the city or you have a purpose to beautify your walking path, our zinc sheet products are for you. In factories, on the other hand, in open areas where valuable machines are located, you can determine the areas that only the officials can enter and should not be used by other people from the outside, and you can use them for the purpose of protecting security. When we leave all other usage areas aside, factories are among the areas where zinc sheet products are used the most.

Considering the increase in the number of sites and the importance of security measures today, you can ensure the security of the sites without any problems by using high and durable galvanized wire mesh products in order to ensure the security of entrance and exit in various site residences and to prevent foreign people from entering the site borders.

Our zinc sheet products are the first products that come to mind when it comes to security applications due to their fast installation features as they are in panels. Their robustness supports their yield. If your expectation is slightly different and in the direction of plastic products, you can also examine our plast product, our pvc coated wire mesh product.

Directly galvanized wire mesh can help you create the area you want without the need for easier installation and effort. Our wire mesh products can be produced in desired sizes and can be used in narrow areas easily with one or two people, but they provide use in large areas.

Packaging: Packed in shrink with label clearly indicating size and barcode.
It is well suited as a dividing wire along industrial plots, highways, railways and where extra strong protection is required.
It is suitable for use as a dividing tool along large plots on a rural street.
It is safely recommended for garden decoration.
It is suitable for safe use in pet coops.