• ESTENET is a Product of Kar-El.

What Makes Wire Mesh Products Different?

Wire mesh has a versatile structure. That's why there are so many different variations in the global arena. One of the biggest reasons why wire mesh products are preferred so much is that this product has a lot of usage area. It can be produced in woven or welded structure according to the usage area or production type. This affects the pore sizes of the wire mesh and its production in different combinations.

The raw material of wire mesh production is actually metal wires. It is produced using different looms, which means that all metal wires that can be woven can actually be used for the production of mesh wire. Wire diameters of wire mesh to be used as architectural wire mesh and wire mesh wire to be used industrially differ from each other.

The use of wire mesh is mostly used for space separation or for the purpose of lattice knitting. In this case, it is an indication that it is not used only for space separation. Naturally, the multiplicity of usage areas is among the main reasons for its preference.

Used in industrial areas, it is generally used for separating and filtering areas, while it is also used in daily life to prevent insects or create animal fences for garden protection.

At the same time, wire mesh products have recently been used frequently in the fields of architecture and art. Wire mesh is generally produced as a result of the wires being melted, boiled and combined with the weaving process.

It is known that our Estenet brand has been used in many different fields, especially in the building and construction, chemical, food, textile sectors since its establishment.