• ESTENET is a Product of Kar-El.

PVC Coated Center Wire

It produces fence panels, wire fence, wire mesh and panel fence system using the highest quality materials. The garden fence and panel fence we produce are produced with high quality accessories so that they can be used for many years without deterioration.

Garden Fence Production

Estenet operates in the industrial market, which is the leading organization in its own branch, and provides quality service in garden fence and wire mesh products with the awareness of developing the country's economy and the change and development in the sector.

It has increased both its production capacity and employment by maintaining its principles without sacrificing quality. With its safe, experienced staff and highly equipped machinery park, it provides service to both its employees and many national and international large organizations it serves. Innovation, of course, having the widest and newest product range in the industry is only seen as one of the steps to be taken. The world's most popular garden fence is produced using the latest technology. Quality, as in our previous works, we adopt unconditional customer satisfaction as the basic principle of our production and service quality to our customers with our advanced services.

Our vision is to reach large masses with our products and services by providing added value to our customers and employees with Estenet garden fence products, to be aware of social responsibility, to have values, to be reliable, to quality management, continuous service network, leader in product diversity, knowledgeable employees and customer-oriented service understanding. is installed.

Our mission is to adopt quality awareness in the rapidly developing technology and competitive environment of today's business world. Design, design solution, manufacturing, assembly, quality, cost and on time delivery are our biggest differences. Your recommendations and likes are our pleasure. Your garden fence orders are recorded as soon as possible and work is started. Although our panel fence designs are usually standard, there are several types if we want to categorize them. To give brief information about the garden wire panel fence, this system, which is very new for now, is mainly used in places such as houses, villas, schools, public areas, hospitals, workplaces, offices, workplaces.

For use as a panel fence, a 50 cm trench is dug in the ground and the bottom of each post is filled with gravel, then concrete is prepared and the pits on each flat ground are filled with concrete and the panel fence is leveled symmetrically. After the concrete has dried, the wire fence is firmly attached to the ground by means of the panel. We are producing wicker with our new technology machines. It allows the emergence of new security systems that are constantly developing depending on the advancement of technology and that make security easier.