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Plast - Plastic (pvc, pe) Coated Wire Mesh

Plastic (pvc, pe) Coated Wire Mesh

The plast products produced within our brand are mostly used to divide the areas in the gardens and to make chicken coops or to cover poultry. If you want to divide and organize your garden or if you want to protect the products in your garden by obtaining a better quality and tidy garden, the most ideal product you can use is our plastic (pvc, pe) coated wire mesh. We have stocks that we can produce for you in any quantity that we can produce quickly. Plast is known as pvc coated wire mesh. Our product has a longer life than zincrolls. It contains plastic and increases its durability since the wear of plastic in nature is late. Therefore, it is resistant to acid, moisture and corrosion.

In general, while making standard production with a certain millimeter thickness, thicker fence wires are used when additional security is required. Our estenet brand, which produces wire mesh, always cares about customer satisfaction. Therefore, according to the usage areas, whichever product appeals to you best, it offers you that product.

At the same time, our plast product is suitable for areas where corrosion is high, such as under the sea. Our product, which is known as wire mesh production, has resistance to ultraviolet light and prevents its color from fading in a short time. Our plast product, which is not in the form of many panels, is produced more flexible in order to minimize cracking and damage in changing weather conditions. If you think that the plast product is not suitable for the area of ​​use you want, you can also look at the features of our ornamental - crimped wire mesh product.

They are also accepted as products used by commercial property owners who want to give an aesthetic appearance to your garden or area. Plast will be a great choice as it makes your garden look more integrated with nature and more eye-catching, while at the same time it has the purpose of ensuring your safety.

We can support you according to the area you will use our plastic coated wire mesh product and we can ensure that you have the most accurate product.

Our plast product is generally offered for sale as PVC coated wire mesh. The most common areas of use are used for protection in garden, poultry wire, balcony irons, and for protection in windows. These are products that are resistant to weather conditions, do not mold and are coated with plastic. These are green products that are easy to assemble.

What is PVC Coated Wire Mesh?

Such products are produced with a focus on recycling, and they are also resistant to sunlight. There is no change in color or fading. Since the PVC coated mesh wire is suitable for long-term use, it is unlikely that you will experience a situation such as cracking. They are washable and at the same time, although they are plastic, they have a fireproof structure.

They have a soft texture, while different color productions are made optionally, the most preferred color is green. It is produced by coating colored pvc granules on hot galvanized wire during production. Especially in crowded and central areas, there is a great need for security. They are the best products used for fence systems for the protection of children in parks and gardens or to ensure environmental safety.

Plast (pvc coated wire mesh) Features:
You can make your fields and gardens more sheltered with PVC coated wire mesh. You can use a pole every 2.5 meters. It is a solid, easy-to-work product. It can stand upright and does not require a tension wire. It is decorative.

Since we will do all the steps from the raw material to the final product, we meet the customer expectations at the highest level.

PVC & PE coating on galvanized wire
Wire fence mesh is produced to provide double protection against corrosion and long service life by welding galvanized wires with low carbon content and then plastic coating.
It is smoother and stronger.
Bright galvanizing is extra corrosion resistant.
It is easy to transport and install.
It has a classical and decorative design.
It has a wire tension curve.
It is PVC coated finish on galvanized iron wire.
It is extremely corrosion resistant.
It is suitable for use as a dividing tool along large plots on a rural street.
Made of high quality iron wire.