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Zinc Rolls - Galvanized Roll Wire Mesh

Galvanized Coil Wire Mesh

Our zincrolls products, which are produced within the body of our Estenet brand, have the same usage areas as our plast products, and their durability is also high. Our product is finalized by making hot galvanized bath water and coloring process. Spot welded galvanized coiled wire mesh is used to separate areas in gardens and in areas with high corrosion. Our product is first galvanized and then welded.

The usage area is very large. If you want, you can use galvanized coil wire mesh products at home, at school or in your private areas. Whether you want to use it for aesthetic purposes or for security purposes, it is a product that will meet your demands in any case. Zincrolls products produced within our Estenet brand ensure the comfort of the activities to be done, protect the children and prevent playground equipment such as balls from leaving the designated area. Since they are resistant to corrosion and sunlight, they do not crack easily. Therefore, they are long-lasting and well-protected products. In individual uses, it can be used to create garden walls. Another name can be used for security purposes

You can use it if you want to protect the safety of your animals. An environment suitable for the desired size and desired animal can be created. Our zincrolls products, which are used for security purposes, are of extremely high quality.

You can also easily use our Zincrolls (spot welded galvanized wire mesh) products in agricultural production areas. Since it can be shaped easily, it can be used in farms and fields in a multi-purpose way. You can also use it both in large fields and around chalets.

Our Zincrolls products are also used in greenhouses to protect trees or plants from insects or in arrangements. It is intended to be used in raising their healthier growth and higher quality food. If our zinc rolls product does not meet the criteria you are looking for, you can also choose our zinc sheet product, galvanized wire mesh.

In our Estenet brand, within the scope of galvanized coiled wire mesh, first of all, our customers' requests are listened to, the area to be used is determined, and information is provided by determining the quality of the product and production stages. The main criterion of our company is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

In addition to separating the area you want to protect, it also allows you to achieve a decorative appearance. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs among the various types of products we will offer you. Do not be late to create a new space for yourself, call us now and we will tell you what we can do for you.

galvanized wire
It is produced by welding galvanized wires to provide both corrosion resistance and strong containment protection.
Hot dipped galvanized before welding
PVC coated
PE coated
Stainless steel
black drawn wire
bright wire